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We have been meeting the most diverse technical challenges together with our customers for over 20 years. Partnership-based engineering, open knowledge transfer and our holistic approach to solutions enable us to implement efficient technology and sourcing solutions.

Quick, flexible and sustainable. Contact us!

Be it as a developer for electronics issues, as the first point of contact for product and process optimization or as a sparring partner for your procurement processes: We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Our know-how for your success!

What functionality are you looking for when it comes to acoustic, electronic or electromechanical components? We will develop the best-possible solution for you, based on feasibility and efficiency. We make sure of this at all levels.


Creative engineering meets procurement artists.

We design specific solutions in the field of electronics quickly and flexibly, we realize complex assemblies and make sure your project is ready for series production. We can do all this for you – with flying colours:

  • Research and partnership-based development of electronic components based on individual requirements
  • Global procurement and logistics of electronic, electromechanical and acoustic components – economical and flexible
  • Technical consulting and support for product development, process optimisation and rapid prototyping (3D printing), CNC-manufacturing
  • Production and assembly of electronic components and assemblies including quality inspection

Our top priority is to consistently focus on your needs. We realize this through flexible and responsive solutions when it comes to organisation, planning and control along the entire supply chain. As your reliable partner, we are here to support you at all times.


Holistic industry expertise. Profound specialist knowledge.

ESS Engineering Solutions and Sourcing GmbH specializes in the development and procurement of high-quality components for the electronics industry. We focus on the following industries:

  • Communication & information technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Acoustics & mobile communication
  • Computer technology
  • Metering and control technology
  • E-mobility

Some examples of components we procure and/or develop for you.

  • Acoustics: microphones, loudspeakers, receiver (headsets), sound transducers, buzzers, ANC-modules (Anti-Noise-Cancelling) etc.
  • Electromechanics & Electronics: cables, harnesses, jumper, connectors, inductors, etc.
  • Customized: vibration motors, antennas, remote controls, backlights, LCD monitors, cameras, etc.

Depending on your requirements, our developments and procurement of electronic components include everything you need as a customer, from the first sample to order-based, efficient just-in-time production.

Do you need a special electronic component? Do you have a special electronic challenge? Talk to us!


Quality has priority – for the best possible product.

The quality of our products and services is our top priority. As such, we are ISO 9001 certified and focus on process-oriented quality management in all areas of the company – from development through to the finished product. ITAF16949 – if required.

Zero-defect philosophy throughout the entire process chain.


Why ESS? Because we’re worth it. And then some.

With our comprehensive engineering and sourcing expertise, we ensure intelligent solutions even for the most complex requirements. Depending on the order volume, we develop and procure electronic components that give you a true competitive edge in the market:


  • Greater profitability through efficient and reliable solutions
  • Increased convenience thanks to full service from a single source – from development to global logistics
  • Fast response times thanks to our high problem-solving competence
  • Saving resources through knowledge transfer
  • High innovation drive thanks to partnership-based engineering
  • Product optimisation thanks to the well-established consulting and industry experience of ESS
  • Targeted product/market launch thanks to our "Center of Competence” development and production strategy
  • Highest reliability

Functionality & efficiency: Abstracts from our portfolio.

One of our greatest strengths lies in the combination of our customer-oriented service mindset and maximum reliability. Over the past decades, this has resulted in developing of sophisticated electronic components. See for yourself:

Hands-free microphones Bluetooth

INDUSTRY SEGMENT: Communication solutions, Industry, Automotive
PRODUCT: Hands-free microphones, Bluetooth for Automotive, OEM/ODM welcome Omni-, Unidirectional, Mic Array‘s
APPLICATION: customer specific, according to VDA specification

ESS offers solutions for external hands-free microphones as retrofit or installation kit. Contact us and we will develop a design (OEM/ODM welcome) according to your needs, which perfectly fits with individual requirements.

Camera units

INDUSTRY SEGMENT: Image processing, monitoring, identification
PRODUCT: camera modules
APPLICATION: customer specific

Our portfolio includes various camera modules (CMOS, USB, ePTZ) for a wide range of applications (e.g. mobility and security solutions for vehicles, intercoms, ticket vending machines, access control, smart home, etc.). Customized modifications and developments are possible on request.


INDUSTRY SEGMENT: Communication solutions
PRODUCT: Double coil loudspeaker, 2×8 Ohm
APPLICATION: customer specific

ESS offers specific solutions from the idea to the production stage, whether for system providers, original equipment manufacturers or start-ups.
Our portfolio includes double-coil and anti-noise cancelling loudspeakers, loudspeakers for high-quality communication headsets, hands-free car intercom systems as well as various loudspeakers in the equipment of railway/aircraft and security personnel and in hospitals, loudspeakers in intercom systems and loudspeakers for e-bikes.

Durable MEMS microphone plus cable set

INDUSTRY SEGMENT: Professional communication solutions
PRODUCT: Durable MEMS microphone plus cable set
APPLICATION: Anti-Noise Cancelling, External noise, speech transmission

Development of a durable MEMS microphone (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) incl. cable set and other precision accessories, which is used as a professional communication solution under difficult environmental and operating conditions, ensuring secure communication with high transmission quality at all times.

E-charging infrastructure

PRODUCT: High current jumpers
APPLICATION: E-charging infrastructure

The nationwide expansion of e-charging points is an important economic factor. ESS has developed high-current jumpers for the use in circuit boards.

In our fully automatic computer-controlled production line, the parameters (number of bending sections, bending length and bending angle) can be adapted to customer requirements.

Cable sets

PRODUCT: Cable sets, DSUB cable, fan control cable, power cables
APPLICATION: customer specific

ESS offers a wide range of solutions for cable assembly and provides high competence in product development and manufacturing of high quality components for various market segments such as industrial and mechanical engineering, automotive, healthcare and measurement technology.

Expertise Service Quality

ESS Engineering Solutions and Sourcing GmbH was founded in 1999 in Norderstedt, near Hamburg. As a system solution provider, we specialize in product development, prototype manufacturing, the production and procurement of high-quality acoustic- and electronic/electromechanical components. From communication technology to the automotive industry, from household appliances to medical technology.

Interdisciplinary know-how – flexible development & production

Our highly effective team of qualified engineers, developers and specialists provides the most efficient technology and sourcing solutions for your challenges. So you can save internal technical and logistical resources and focus on your core competencies and strengths. Holistic consulting included.

As an ISO9001 certified "fabless company" we closely collaborate with quality-minded partners worldwide. For highest flexibility and independence. Regular audits of our partners and an intensive exchange of information ensure the highest development and production quality for our customers from the national and international electronics industry.

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